Sutton Veterinary Clinic P.C.

Michael A. Cox D.V.M.
Jess R. Hinrichs D.V.M.
Steve L. Gemar D.V.M.
Jess M. Waddell D.V.M., M.S.


Sutton Veterinary Clinic has always had a keen interest in the cow-calf producer of south central Nebraska.  This region has maintained a nucleus of progressive cow/calf producers which demand the latest in technology and services.  Our team approach to herd health management means that your cow/calf herd produces at optimal levels and continues to make progress toward remaining competitive. The professionals at Sutton Veterinary Clinic strive to be at the leading edge by attending continuing education seminars and conferences.  

We are dedicated to improving the economic efficiency of livestock operations through effective resource management.  Give us a call.

Total Herd Health Clinic
Complete breeding and herd health programs
Fertility/pelvic area exams
Nutrition consultation
Estrus synchronization and artificial insemination services
Complete preventive vaccination programs
Parasite control
Full-line pharmacy
Rapid disease diagnostics
Production and financial record management