Sutton Veterinary Clinic P.C.

Michael A. Cox D.V.M.
Jess R. Hinrichs D.V.M.
Steve L. Gemar D.V.M.
Jess M. Waddell D.V.M., M.S.


Sutton Veterinary Clinic prides itself as being the industry leader in high plains region in developing herd health programs to fit the producers' needs.  Sutton Veterinary Clinic believes in a team approach and strives to provide answers that work as quickly as possible and help improve welfare and minimize production losses.  We believe the future in efficient swine production lies with better health through effective management of animals, environment, nutrition and people.  
We have the ability and resources as well as a broad information base to assess diseases, environment, management, genetics, nutrition, production records, and facility throughout.  
The professionals at Sutton Veterinary Clinic have many years of combined experience in swine production and continue to improve their skills at continuing education seminars throughout the year.  

These are just some of the reasons we are dedicated to improving the economic efficiency of livestock operations through effective resource management.  Give us a call.

Total Herd Health Clinic
Facility utilization assessments
24 hour emergency service
Post mortems, slaughter checks
Ration formulation
In house laboratory
Cash-flow projections and analysis
State of the art diagnostics and serological testing
Genetic evaluations and consultations
Farrowing, breeding, nursery, finisher trouble shooting
PQA Plus Adult Advisor
PQA Plus Youth Advisor